Friendships for years, now lifetimes

Just who are Jason Robins and Owen Strock?

What is the plural of best man? Does our wedding have two best mans? Or two bests man, like attorneys general? The answer, of course, is that Owen Strock and Jason Robins are best men. And they really are the best.

Stephen on Jason

I’m pretty sure I saw the picture of Jason in silver hotpants before I met him in real life. That sort of thing scars you. He had been back in Australia when I met his former roommate, but his reputation for fun preceded him and when he returned to London we were all quickly firm friends. If there was a Friday we didn’t go dancing at Popstarz or a Saturday we didn’t go to G-A-Y, it was surely a bad weekend for sales of Red Stripe and Smirnoff Ice.

Adelaide’s loss has been London’s gain - and mine. In the 16 years we have known each other, Jason has kept the same deliciously cynical sense of humour and laid back attitude, just as stubbornly as he has kept that little tuft of hair under his lower lip. He has also been an incredibly wise adviser in a crisis.

When I moved to New York, he sent me off with a care package of eye cream and teeth whitener, and the promise that there would always be a bed for me in London. I have surely leaned more heavily on that hospitality than is reasonable, but then again, Peckham seems to get more hip by the day, so who wouldn’t want to keep visiting?


Darrell on Owen

Owen joined my high school in 10th grade, one year after me, so on his first day neither of us had any friends. But we both needed a lab partner so we teamed up.

Twenty-one years later and he's moved 10,000 miles away to Westchester with his new daughter and perfect wife. Where he once had a snowboard he's now got a lawnmower, and what was once a love of subways has given way to a massive house where you can see something called "stars".

Clearly not over his own groomzilla-ness from his own wedding, Owen has taken to badgering me about this one. It'll all work out, I'm sure, because with Owen it always does.

This past winter we were back skiing in the same place on our 20th anniversary. Here's to 60 more.

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